Our team first started in back in 2015. The original 6 members started working together as the marketing portfolio for the Haskayne Students’ Association (HSA). While in HSA, we first started experimenting with the idea of taking on marketing projects from external clients. Our first client was the Haskayne Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS), where we handled the marketing plans and materials for their biggest events. We noticed a need for attention-focused marketing. Current clubs could plan great events, but they were unable to communicate their events with the student body. We set about to increases awareness of campus events and make a difference in our school community. The team decided to move out of HSA and into CUS in order to acquire resources and learn more about clubs’ needs and operations.

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The original members entered CUS and became their marketing portfolio. We expanded our team from 6 to 27 members by introducing sub-portfolios. We also added the Public Relations Representative body in order to engage more lower-year students. Our time in CUS taught us  team management, and we implemented human resources techniques to make the team more cohesive and motivated.

Culture Lesson: CUS taught us what it’s like to be in a large, dedicated club. They showed us the benefits and downsides to strong organizational culture.

Introducing the Koolaid: The idea generated from the notion that we were such dedicated club members, that other UofC clubs referred to us as a “cult”. We embraced the reputation and still strive to foster engagement and commitment in all of our members. We drink the Koolaid.

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Ethics Case Competition


In 2017 PrismA officially became our own club. With 4 of the original members becoming founding members, we took the organizational structure we had built in the CUS and applied it to our own club, making tweaks and adjustments to be as efficient as possible. As our own club, we could fully pursue new growth opportunities as we see fit, and that started by expanding our client program to reach non-Haskayne clubs and small businesses. We also grew our members base to 90 members consisting of general members, directors, and senior executives.

Creating Culture: We took a look at ourselves and asked “what kind of club do we want to be?”. We decided to set a culture standard on which the club would be founded upon.

“Be a part of something bigger. Take the lead.”

This became our core philosophy, and can be seen in everything we strive to do. We set out to be an inclusive club where the underdogs and the overachievers can find community.

Providing Value: We operated like a small ad agency to provide real hands-on experience for our members. We had two sides to our operations, the support side consisted of the Human Resources, Corporate Relations, and Accounting portfolios, while the project side consisted of the Marketing, Communications, and Business Development Portfolios.

Clients: As the club grew, our ability to take on new clients grew as well. We started doing pro-bono marketing work for small businesses to help our local community. We served over 20 clients that year including Carefind, the Indian Students’ Association, and the Westman Centre.

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This Is It! 2018

5 Days for the Homeless


In the 2019-2020 academic year, PrismA experienced its coming of age. The next generation of PrismA leadership took the lead into the club’s future. In expanding our membership, we were able to service more clients and host more social events than ever before. 

A tight-knit community: Among our growing and diverse membership, professional bonds and friendships have formed and lasted to the present day.

Clients: PrismA continued to expand its mission in supporting local organisations in need of marketing assistance. In addition to local business and university organisations, we expanded our support to organisations in the non-profit realm, such as the Southern Alberta Myeloma Society (SAMPS) and Calgary United Way.

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HOSA Canada Event