PrismA Annual General Meeting 2020

PrismA’s annual general meeting (AGM) for the 2019/2020 year will be held virtually through Zoom on March 28, 2020. The purpose of this meeting is to vote-in the incoming PrismA Executive Team, and vote on any constitution amendments that need to be made. We will also be presenting our year-in-review.

All PrismA members are invited to attend, however attendance is mandatory for current Directors and the Senior Executive Team. Only directors and senior executives have voting rights, 1 vote per member.

When: Saturday, March 28th, 4pm-6pm

Zoom link:

Members of the public are allowed to attend the AGM. If you would like to attend, please contact Emma at

Senior Executive Candidates – 2020/2021 Term

Christopher Nishiyama – Presidential Candidate

I am honoured to be given the opportunity of becoming President of PrismA. Over the course of the next year, I am pledging to create new opportunities for PrismA and its members.

Firstly, I am committed to creating a portfolio dedicated exclusively to marketing consultancy, where I believe that PrismA will be able to undertake comprehensive client projects with ambitious visions. In doing so, we will be offering opportunities for PrismA’s members to take the lead in applying new skills and ideas in exciting, uncharted territory.

Secondly, I promise to maintain greater financial transparency to both our members and sponsors. In concert with our new team of VPs we will be able to make decisions that better allocate our funds and demonstrate to our sponsors how their backing supports PrismA and our members.

Lastly, I pledge to be a leader that upholds PrismA’s culture and values to be a part of something bigger. To me, I interpret this many ways. I want to be a leader that can mentor and cooperate with our members in new challenges. I also want to be a leader that is fun, welcoming, and inclusive to our old and new members alike.

Ultimately, I see a successful year in leadership in knowing that members can look back in knowing that they’ve grown, learned, and enjoyed their time with PrismA. I’m excited to embark on the next year with PrismA and the new team, and hope that we can accomplish great things together.

Adrian Ongteco – Vice President, Accounting and Finance Candidate

I intend to review the state of the financial documents and recording systems of the club to look for any potential improvements or repairs to how information is kept. I want to expand on our acct-fi’s tradition of diligence and thoroughness by devising new ways to make sure our system can record accurate information regarding our finances in a way that can be retrieved in a quick accessible manner, as to aid decision making involving our finances. This means no more errors, no more missing data, and everything in the records is updated live so it’s ready when needed. In addition, I will look at the financial section of our decision-making processes to ensure that our club’s resources are being used efficiently and responsibly, and I will employ expert analysis in any such processes.
I also plan on focusing on emphasizing transparency and honesty. Because the finances of the club are central to many of its operations, it is important that all relevant actors can depend on retrieving relevant information quickly and reliably. To this end, I plan on making all relevant information on the state of our finances freely available in situations, through methods like regular, detailed reports, and informing relevant actors upon request or relevance. This is to ensure that anyone organizing events or running operations can do so with the most updated, relevant, and accurate information.

Aruba Naser – Vice President, Human Resources Candidate

Hello! My name is Aruba Naser, and I am in my fourth year in the Health Sciences program. As VP HR, my focus will be team management. I recognize that PrismA has a strong social culture, and I aim to maintain and promote that internal culture by organizing regular social events to allow members from various portfolios to interact and form lasting connections. Monthly events such as board game nights, skating parties, or just grabbing appetizers will create a more positive and supportive club environment. This in turn will increase productivity and satisfaction of all club members as well as allowing them to have fun and build friendships.

For these social events to work, high member participation is required, and I aim to accomplish this by promoting these events heavily and far in advance, and by providing enough events that everyone is able to attend a few. Another way in which I will be overseeing club culture is through hiring and welcoming other students into PrismA. I will be involved in planning recruitment events and in the hiring process, and will be organizing and conducting director interviews throughout the year.

Lastly, I will do my best to communicate with everyone on the executive team so the club is operating smoothly. By carrying out these responsibilities, I hope to do my part in encouraging every club member to be an active part of PrismA – to be a part of something bigger.

Jaymee Caparanga – Co-Vice President, Marketing Candidate

Last year, I was PrismA’s VP Marketing and I hope to continue this role into the upcoming semesters. I had learnt a lot about what it meant to manage projects and communicate effectively to other PrismA portfolios and within my growing marketing team. I was able to spearhead events ranging from workshops to planning the yearly MKTR case competition, and hope to establish more events during the next academic year for our directors and the campus community.

During my term, it has been an honour to see the marketing team to triple in numbers and direct such a talented team. In the upcoming year, I would like to help my directors further diversify their skillset by taking on different avenues of marketing, whether that is content creation or learning different softwares. With an ever expanding amount of experience, I would like to see the marketing portfolio take on more clients, ranging from clubs on campus to small businesses. Thus, with my direction, I hope I can encourage those within my team to be part of something bigger.

Serena Michie – Co-Vice President, Marketing Candidate

As co-Vice President of Marketing, my vision of the way I want to contribute to our members’ experience has been based around three main points: increasing collaboration, strengthening team bonds, and celebrating talent and newly developed skills.

To increase collaboration, I want to work on having directors share their knowledge with each other. This means having photographers share advice on how to handle different shoots, developing ways for designers to share their knowledge on different techniques, and finding projects that both photographers and designers can complete together. I believe this will help provide more diverse and engaging experiences for the portfolio.

To strengthen team bonds, I plan on incorporating team socials for marketing directors. I believe creating a healthy team culture will help increase effective communication and co-operation within the portfolio. In addition, it will allow members to get to know each other and develop friendships.

Finally, to celebrate the talents and new skills that directors gain, I would like to incorporate time into portfolio meetings for members to display their latest photos or designs, and possibly hold a final meeting as an “Achievement Night” for everyone to showcase their work and congratulate each other on all of the effort they have all put into the club for the year.

With these additions, I believe I can assist in elevating performance and creating a more rewarding director experience.

Phoebe Gopaul – Vice President, Communications Candidate

This past year I served as a Director of Communications for PrismA which gave me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience designing social media posts for clients, participate in workshops, and become more involved on campus.

As a Communication and Media Studies Major, I look forward to promoting PrismA to interested students in the Faculty of Arts and putting my knowledge to practical use while continuing to develop my skills as Vice President of Communications. Moving forward I hope to grow PrismA’s social media presence to further extend the Club’s reach on campus and in the greater community.

Marc Seguin – Vice President, Business Development Candidate

As Vice President of Business Development, I plan to continue pursuing and maintaining clients in order to provide the marketing teams with plenty of new projects. One of principal pillars of PrismA is the opportunities provided to student to develop their skills in real-world business situations. I believe that the entire BD team is crucial to providing these opportunities and as head of the BD portfolio I will make it my number one priority to maximize these opportunities. In addition to pursuing business opportunities on campus, I plan to extend the reach of the BD team into the Calgary business community to further develop the for-profit client portfolio. As the Covid-19 outbreak has brought the local economy to a halt, our free marketing services will be of even more value to small businesses as they face an uphill battle. The ability to help my local community while providing U of C students with skill development opportunities is a mission I am eager to embark upon. Lastly, as member of the executive team I commit myself to the continued maintenance and growth of the club through whatever means my fellow executives require. I am excited to serve the club as an executive once more, and I look forward to returning to the BD portfolio where I can best help the club.

Syed Rizvi – Vice President, Corporate Relations Candidate

PrismA provides students with the opportunity to provide marketing services to businesses and thus translate their education into practical experience. As VP of Corporate Relations, I will work towards three goals.

First, I will diversify and expand the Corporate Relations to appropriately delegate and diffuse the workload. Welcoming more members to the CR team will increase the quality of work being done by providing more critical perspectives. I believe by taking a new approach in advertising the CR portfolio, we can expand the team which will aid in accomplishing my other goals.

Second, I would like to analyze and improve the sponsorship package we currently have. By working with the other teams in PrismA, I hope to identify any shortcomings and rework our sponsorship pamphlet.

Finally, I would like to focus on recruiting other sponsors and work to bring in another diamond sponsor alongside Reality Engine to support our club long term.

I look forward to working with everyone in PrismA and am looking forward to a successful year.